Frequently Asked Questions

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Are You a Trading Company Or a Manufacturer?

Factory! We Are a Manufacturer Founded In 2001 With An Annual Capacity Of 40,000 Tons.

How Do i Clean The Polycarbonate?

Yes, we require all international orders to have an ongoing minimum order quantity. If you are looking to resell but in much smaller quantities,

● Never Use Abrasive Or High Alkaline Cleaners On Any SINHAI Polycarbonate Products.
● Do Not Leave Cleaners On SINHAI Polycarbonate For Extended Periods Of Time. Rinse Immediately With Cold, Clean Water.
● Do Not Apply Cleaners In Direct Sunlight.
● Never Use Sharp Objects, Squeegees Or Razors On Polycarbonate.
● Do Not Clean With Gasoline.
● Always Practice Safety First And Never Step Directly On a Polycarbonate Panel.
● Always Test Cleaners In a Small Inconspicuous Area Prior To Cleaning The Entire Panel To Ensure Against Adverse Results.
● Avoid Allowing The Pressure Washer Spray Tip To Come Too Close To The Panel. Pressure Washers Often Have Enough Pressure At The Spray Tip To Penetrate Or Tear The Panel.
● Avoid Dry Cleaning As Sand And Dust Particles Clinging To The Exterior Of The Panels May Scratch The Surface.

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Will Polycarbonate Light Transmittance Deteriorate Over Time?

SINHAI's Polycarbonate Products Are Shielded With a Uv Protection Layer That Guards Against Photodegradation, Yellowing, And Brittleness. This Protects The Sheets From The Harmful Impact Of Uv Radiation And Helps To Maintain Light Transmittance And Quality For Many Years. Our Products Come With a 10-Year Warranty Against Loss Of Light Transmittance. Upon Special Request, We Can Provide An Enforced Uv Protection Layer With a Longer Warranty.

How Do We Choose The Suitable Sheets For You?

Be Free To Tell Us Your Application For More Information About The Sheets.

What Is The Minimum Allowed Bending Radius Of Polycarbonate?

The Minimum Allowed Bending Radius Of The Polycarbonate Is 200 Times The Thickness Of The Sheet, For Example, a 2 Mm Sheet Has a Minimum 400 Mm Bending Radius.

How Do i Determine The Color, Light Transmission (Lt) And Haze Properties Of Polycarbonate?

This Decision Depends On The Application – Some Of The Colors Are Transparent And Some Are Translucent. If a See-Through Material Is Needed, Then Haze Should Be Smaller Than 1% And The Lt% Should Be Based On The Illumination Design. If a Translucent Effect Is Needed, Then The Haze Should Be 100% And The Lt% Based On The Chosen Color.

How Do i Curve The Polycarbonate To Follow The Façade Curve?

All SINHAI Polycarbonate Products Can Be Cold Bent Onsite During Installation, Subject To a Minimum Radius. The Rule-Of-Thumb For The Minimum Radius Is The Thickness Multiplied By 175.

What do I use to cut SINHAI’s polycarbonate panels?

Use a circular saw with plywood blade or jig saw with fine tooth blade. This produces clean, even cut. Cut sheet before taking off film, or static charge will attract fine chips to channels. Remove any fine shavings or chips prior to installation. Condensation moving through layers continues cleaning channels, but get clean as possible. Leave film on sheet until ready to install, remove in an area free from dust. Thinner sheets may be cut with a utility knife using a clamp and secured straight edge to ensure an accurate, straight cut.

How Do i Install Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets As a Skylight?

Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets Are Installed As a Homogeneous Part Of The Metal Roof. For More Information, Please Review SINHAI's Installation Instructions For The Desired Profile.

How Can Become Our Distributor?  

We Are Interested In Cooperating With Importers Of Building And Decorative Materials. Agents Worldwide Who Have Good Credibility And Extensive Sales Network Will Be Welcomed.

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